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10 Tips on Buying a Gun Safe

Buying a safe for storing guns and firearms is not a decision to be made lightly. Other than offering the owner peace of mind, gun safes are also beneficial for keeping firearms safe and protected. So
Gun Safe Tips

Buying a safe for storing guns and firearms is not a decision to be made lightly. Other than offering the owner peace of mind, gun safes are also beneficial for keeping firearms safe and protected. Some benefits include preventing theft, unauthorized use, and damage to a piece of expensive equipment.

As per studies, 10%-15% of stolen guns were used to perform a crime, which puts the need for purchasing a gun safe higher on the list of safety precautions. Read this blog to learn the best tips for buying a gun safe and how to find the best gun insurance companies.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

A gun safe provides storage for your firearms and other accompanying items, and it’s a valuable investment. Consider the following tips before purchasing a gun safe.


When choosing the size of the safe, first consider the available space you have at home. And then, consider the size and the number of firearms you own or plan to own in the future. You can store long arms upright and smaller guns on shelves or a door panel.

Fire Protection

It may not come to mind initially, but keeping guns and bullets safe during a potential property fire is key. Many gun safes can withstand intense heat but check each safe carefully because there are no unique standards set on this, and their features vary between manufacturers.

Safe Placement

Choosing the right location in the house for your gun safe is crucial. No one wants to put their safe on display for everyone to see. Another thing to pay attention to is the floor structure, which will ultimately support the safe weight and might get quite heavy.

Locking Mechanism

Safes with high-tech locking mechanisms are recommended because only you or a person you trust can open them. Ideally, you want to get a gun safe you can open via thumbprint, voice activation, or just a particularly strong password.

Safe Movement

Safes are heavy and difficult to move. Attempting to do it yourself may be risky, so consider hiring a moving company that will transfer the safe accordingly. Or, you can also opt to get a modular safe that will be assembled on-site.

Special Features

Gun safe manufacturers are very competitive and always add unique features to their products. 
These are not safety-oriented but still hold importance. They can include internal or external hinges, damp-proofing solutions, or fire liners.

Extra Precaution

In case a safe is opened by an intruder, a re-locking device should be programmed as a safeguard. If the locking system is compromised, the device will make the intruder’s job to open the safe more difficult.

Internal Dimensions and Organization

You should pay attention to both external and internal dimensions. The internal organization of the safe is important because it will allow you to fit more items inside safely and keep them all under one shielded roof.


Many times, we debate whether to buy a safe depending on the price. While price does matter, you should pay more attention to the quality, strength, and features. Protecting guns and keeping them out of reach is more important than paying extra. Buy the best you can afford, and don’t compromise.

Insurance Policy

When purchasing your homeowner insurance, you want to insure the gun is safe, as are its contents. 
If you own an expensive gun collection, your insurance rates can be increased to provide more coverage. 
There is also liability insurance in case a gun is lost or stolen.

Gun Insurance Companies: Find Your Provider

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