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Most Important Basic Gun Safety Rules

Firearms are some of the best tools for protection in existence. Of course, many gun owners have them not just for security but for hunting or even as collectibles. Around 42% of U.S. households had a
Gun Safety Rules

Firearms are some of the best tools for protection in existence. Of course, many gun owners have them not just for security but for hunting or even as collectibles. Around 42% of U.S. households had at least one gun in 2021.

However, you must understand the basic gun safety rules for your safety and the safety of the people around you.

Keep reading this post to learn the best safety tips for new gun owners.

Assume Every Firearm is Loaded

The first piece of advice any professional firearms insurance company would give you is to assume that every firearm is loaded. Whether you are cleaning a gun that you are sure is empty or preparing to practice your shooting at a range, make sure that you treat it as if it’s fully loaded and ready to fire.

If you are uncertain whether a particular gun is loaded or not, check it. If you can’t do that, rule number 1 of all gun safety tips is to put the gun in a safe place and not handle it until someone more experienced has done the proper checks.

Keep the Gun Pointed Away

Another of the most basic firearm safety rules. Never point the gun in a direction where it can harm people or property. Pointing it somewhere safe means that should the gun discharge, it wouldn’t cause any damage.

Inspect your surroundings and determine the safest possible direction before you start handling the firearm. Moreover, it’s always wise to get gun insurance as a precautionary measure.

Keep the Safety Engaged

The safety mechanism is perhaps the most significant advancement in gun safety. When it is properly engaged, the firearm will simply not fire. The trigger will be locked, so even if the gun is loaded and you mishandle it, an accidental discharge won’t occur.

One of the founding tenets of safe gun handling is ensuring the safety mechanism is engaged at all times – unless you’re firing. Whether you’re carrying your gun in a holster, preparing to shoot at a range, or cleaning your gun, ensure that the safety is on. The only time you should disengage it is when you are firing it.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Whenever you are preparing to fire your gun, ensure you have full awareness of your and your target’s surroundings. Determine what is in the foreground and background of your target before you even point your gun – it is one of the fundamental gun safety rules.

The foreground aspect is pretty straightforward. You need to confirm that you have a clear line of sight. However, just because there are no physical obstructions to the potential bullet trajectory doesn’t mean the foreground is clear. You must also ensure that no people, animals, or moving objects can cross the bullet’s path.

The background factor is slightly more complicated. Most firearm projectiles are designed to enter the target on one side and exit on the other. So, before you fire, make sure that the background is clear and able to withstand or absorb the force of the discharged projectile. That is how you abide by the rules for gun safety for beginners.

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