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Reasons to Review Your Firearm Business Insurance

San Jose, CA voted in January 2022 to require liability insurance, along with an annual fee, for gun owners. It’s believed to be the first measure of its kind in the entire United States.
Firearm Business Insurance Review

San Jose, CA voted in January 2022 to require liability insurance, along with an annual fee, for gun owners. It’s believed to be the first measure of its kind in the entire United States. And despite strong opposition from individuals who said the move would be a violation of Second Amendment rights, the San Jose City Council approved the measure.

But while mandatory liability insurance may seem controversial to individual gun owners, business owners in the firearms industry understand the importance of insurance policies. Comprehensive insurance protects your establishment from financial risks related to the industry. It also protects you from the financial cost of other types of damage encountered by businesses in general.

Our firearms insurance company breaks down the main financial risks that clients typically encounter:

  • Accidents that occur within your business premises
  • Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters
  • Criminal activities like burglary, theft, and vandalism

The right insurance policy will help you recover from the financial damage caused by these incidents.

Revisit Your Existing Firearms Insurance Policies

If you run a gun store or any other business related to firearms, you likely already have insurance coverage in place. Nevertheless, it’s important to revisit and update your existing policies to make sure your business is fully protected.

There are two types of insurance policies that gun-related businesses should have. First is commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. It covers the cost of legal defense and damages for non-professional negligent acts. An example would be if a customer or an employee gets hurt inside your store or because of your products.

A CGL insurance policy helps you recover quickly from financial loss related to the following:

  • Professional liability
  • Personal and advertising liability
  • Liquor legal liability
  • Third-party medical expenses
  • Damage to rented property
  • Damaged products and completed operations

The second type of insurance that gun-related businesses should have is called commercial property insurance. This is where the financial aftermath of accidents, criminal activities, and natural disasters fall under.

By securing commercial property insurance for your firearms business, you get protection from standard risks like fire, theft, and burglary. You can also arrange to have additional protection against risks that are specific to your business, such as:

  • Inland transit
  • Boiler and machinery
  • Valuable business records

You can also update your commercial property insurance to cover flood and earthquake damage. With this type of coverage, however, you have to check with your insurance provider if your business location is qualified.

Keep these policies updated, and your business will be financially protected against all accidents and unexpected incidents that happen to your business. As a result, you gain peace of mind knowing that your business is safe.

Choose Firearms Business Insurance You Can Trust

Make sure your firearm business is well-protected against all risks. Get a trusted insurance company to assist with all your firearms insurance needs. You can count on Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. to help you build a policy specifically for your business, whether you need gun liability insurance or gun shop property insurance.

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