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Firearms Business Insurance for Your Shooting Range Business

Shooting range owners should be ready to operate under strict government and safety regulations. They’ll need to know the license, zoning, and reporting requirements and get the right type of....
Shooting Range Insurance

For all gun enthusiasts, owning a shooting range business may seem like a very appealing idea. Indulging in your passion while building your own business and making good money sounds like a good thing to pursue. However, a shooting range requires a significant investment.

Shooting range owners should be ready to operate under strict government and safety regulations. They’ll need to know the license, zoning, and reporting requirements and get the right type of insurance to protect the business, such as firearms business insurance packages.

Steps in Opening a Shooting Range

The first step to opening a shooting range is knowing the local law on gun control. It’s helpful to know that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is responsible for all related matters on a federal level. Still, you may want to contact the local authorities and get further information.

The steps that you need to consider include:

  • Consult local authorities on rules and regulations on opening a shooting range;
  • Learn everything there is to know about guns by attending gun shows and joining associations;
  • Decide on the type of shooting range you wish to open;
  • Learn the zoning and licensing requirements before you purchase or lease land;
  • Create a detailed business plan that will include funding options;
  • Contact providers to get the best firearms insurance;
  • Have a well-thought-out promoting and marketing plan;
  • Start your business.

Outdoor Shooting Range

If you opt to open an outdoor shooting range, there are a few things that you need to consider. Because it is located in a natural and open-air setting, it offers visitors more mobility and more realistic scenarios.

Due to the noise and stray bullet risks, outdoor locations are almost always in rural areas. The location will also be convenient for lowering the building costs. Gun owners can get creative with the shooting stations and incorporate fun themes and more variety than the simple shooting in a line experience.

Outdoor shooting ranges don’t require to be in a building, and the use of covered shooting benches will enable shooters to enjoy their pass-time throughout the year.

Indoor Shooting Range

Owning an indoor shooting range may be more costly to build and maintain, but it also generates more money than outdoor shooting ranges. The benefits of indoor shooting ranges are:

  • The location is in highly populated areas.
  • They offer year-round shooting experiences in all types of weather.
  • The ease of setting up a pro shop.

It is an option that generates more revenue by renting and selling guns, accessories, and ammunition. The setbacks include the mandatory installation of ventilation and noise control systems. There is limited space, so pistols and single-shot arms might be the only options available.

Choosing the Best Firearms Business Insurance

The firearms industry involves many risks. Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc has been servicing the firearms industry in New Jersey for over 25 years. We understand these risks and how to mitigate them.

Our competitive plans include coverage of business interruption, property and crime coverage, protection of equipment breakdown, and much more. Additionally, we offer coverage plans for commercial general liability, to ensure the safety of your business and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Contact us and let us give you the best insurance for your new shooting range!


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