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Firearms Instructor Insurance: Protecting You and Your Career

Firearms instructors are a rare breed, with only over 1,100 of them in the US. As firearms instructors, you have invested thousands of training hours and made the effort to acquire numerous...
Firearm Instructor Insurance

Firearms instructors are a rare breed, with only over 1,100 of them in the US. As firearms instructors, you have invested thousands of training hours and made the effort to acquire numerous certifications to gain your position. This includes a significant amount of money for equipment and range time for practice. As it’s an investment, it’s important to protect it with the right insurance.

For Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc, firearms business insurance includes gun instructor insurance. The company has had numerous clients in firearms, working with many instructors in the process.

Being an instructor is a business. Gun ranges across America hire instructors to train and educate gun owners. Many instructors also open their own gun ranges. There is significant risk involved, as will be discussed below. Firearms instructors need to consider the potential legal liabilities and protect themselves appropriately through the right coverage.

The Facts of Firearms Instructor Insurance

Specific definition

This speciality insurance protects professional firearms instructors and trainers from inherent risks associated with day-to-day business operations. An instructor could be a sole proprietor of a training range or part of a larger commercial body.

Each plan should be carefully tailored to the instructor’s needs, depending on their type of training, certifications, facilities, and risks associated with the activity.

Who is qualified?

Firearm instructor liability insurance applies to certified and credentialed training instructors, gun ownership counsellors, coaches, and range safety or security personnel. Any specialists handling guns and training others for their use are eligible for the insurance.


General and professional liability.

The insurance coverage should include any injuries or damage you cause as you perform your duties as an instructor during training.

For example, during training, if your weapon caused damage to property, such as a vehicle, the insurance will cover the cost of the damage. The coverage should also have specific clauses for medical expenses and legal expenses for lawsuits related to injuries.

Your professional liability insurance should protect you from legal instances that accuse you of negligent training. For example, should a student harm someone with their firearm due to incorrect handling, your insurance covers you against lawsuits that accuse you of being negligent in the student’s training.

General liability (occurrences)

Despite all safety precautions on the range, accidents happen. Coverage for occurrences should include firearm-related accidents on the range during training. Insurance should cover medical expenses due to injuries caused by accidents.

The liability limits depend on your insurance provider. Your provider should consider the nature of the training you provide, your facility, and the potential risks involved. From there, the liability limits are calculated.

Eligible risks

Instructors that work in private sector firearms training, such as training regular gun owners in basic handling and defense of their property, are eligible. Security guard training instructors and some military and law enforcement personnel trainers are also considered eligible.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that trainees also sign liability waivers. For example, before they enter the gun range and proceed with training, they have to sign approved liability waivers that prove they have a reasonable understanding of the risks involved with firearms training.

Ineligible risks

Instructors who deal with explosive devices or perform training internationally are typically ineligible. Insurance coverages for firearms instructors also consider the laws in specific states, which can vary. This means that even if you’re insured in a specific state, the coverage does not apply depending on the laws in another state, let alone another country.

Automatic weapons are also ineligible, because there is a higher risk involved in their use. Furthermore, any scenario wherein it is proven that alcohol consumption was involved before or during the incident immediately becomes ineligible.

Consult with experts in insurance in the field of firearms for your protection

Insurance policies for firearms instructors need to be carefully tailored to their business and the individual instructors’ needs. To find the right plan for you, refer to specialists who understand the risks of your career and what to do to protect you from liabilities.

Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc have handled insurance concerns for firearms for many years. They have helped professional instructors, coaches, and gun range owners find professional and commercial liability protection suited to the risks involved in their business.

Contact us today or give us a call and get started on protecting your business and property.


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