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Protect Your Property Insurance

Protect Your Property: Crucial Insurance for Gun Shops

The latest numbers from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives estimates that from January to July 2021, 111 burglaries resulted in nearly a thousand stolen firearms.

The latest numbers from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives estimates that from January to July 2021, 111 burglaries resulted in nearly a thousand stolen firearms. This comes after 2020’s numbers where 284 burglaries resulted in over 3,700 stolen firearms.

Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc aids numerous clients in handling property insurance for a gun shop or retail firearms store. Having the proper insurance protection for your property as a firearms dealer or distributor could save you thousands of dollars after fire, theft, or other damages.

Necessary Coverage for Firearms Dealers

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability coverage is an insurance policy that provides gun shop owners with coverage for legal defense, damages, and non-professional negligent acts. There are different limits available. The limits can go up to $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Firearms dealers and distributors are considered specialty businesses due to the unique hazards in selling and distributing firearms and related accessories. CGLs protect stores from professional liability, products and completed operations coverage, third-party medical expenses, and more.

For example, if store personnel or a customer accrues injury within your store premises, the store is insured against bankruptcy should they choose to file a claim against your business.

Products Liability

Products liability protects firearms distributors from a consumer bringing a lawsuit against the business. While consumers bear the responsibility of using the products responsibly, they are also within their right to bring a lawsuit to your company should the product prove unsafe or defective in any way.

This coverage protects your business from thousands to millions of dollars in damages due to a lawsuit. By utilizing this coverage, your business is defended when consumers claim that a business has been negligent or has breached product warranty and caused unavoidable dangers.

For example, a consumer claims that a product is defective because the firearm jammed. If they bring a lawsuit against you, accusing you of selling them a defective product, you’re covered against damages that the lawsuit may cause.

Broad Form Vendor Insurance

Broad form vendor insurance defends a business owner beyond the basics of the general coverage. Coverage includes rare instances that could be of significant risk to the business owner. It’s the crucial coverage that defends gun retailers against theft.

Providers can specifically tailor each policy according to the needs of the vendor. And for firearms dealers, storeowners must evaluate the appropriate business insurance needs for the store. Should you be at an area at high risk for robberies and theft, you need to get the appropriate vendor insurance for it. Policies may have substantial deductibles so vendors can afford them.

For example, if the gun retailer’s store is robbed, with lost merchandise, cash, and store property damaged, the broad form vendor insurance policy will cover the loss and damage.

Consult with specialists to get the necessary protections for your store

There are different policy options available for gun shop owners. Consulting with specialists is crucial to fully analyze and identify the proper policy that your business needs. Seek out experts who have had years of experience handling insurance coverage specifically for firearms distributors and stores.

Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc has provided gun store owners throughout the state of Florida with crucial advice and guidance in getting the appropriate insurance policies for their property and their business. These policies protect your business and defend your rights as firearm retailers.

Consult with our specialists  to protect your property today. You may also browse our resources to learn more.


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